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About the DEFEND GROUP...

The roots of the DEFEND GROUP stretch back to 1994.

Over time, the group has built up a leading position in the market for vehicle security in Czech Republic and its position is reinforced in other countries, primarily in Central and Eastern Europe. Efforts have focused on the development, production and distribution of vehicle security and protection systems under the DEFEND brand and innovative insurance solutions for the auto industry, also under the DEFEND brand. Defend products and services are distributed via sellers or new and used vehicles, insurance brokers and authorised representatives.

2012 was a turning point for the DEFEND GROUP as the decision was made to divide its activities by individual areas and the product portfolio into two basic directions, DEFEND AUTOMOTIVE GROUP and the newly created DEFEND INSURANCE GROUP division. Another major milestone occurred in 2016, with the establishment of the new DEFEND SMART REPAIRS GROUP (DSRG) division, which seeks to become one of the primary suppliers of equipment and tools to small and medium service centres delivering "Smart and Same Day Repairs" for the auto markets of Central and Eastern Europe, vehicle importers and sellers, leasing companies, fleet vehicle managers and independent service station networks.

2017 saw the delivery of two of the main projects of the DEFEND SMART REPAIRS GROUP (DSRG) division and the establishment of a network of independent and authorised car wash and service centres named SMART WASH and SMART REPAIRS.

Year 2018 brought realization of the third and final project of DEFEND SMART REPAIRS GROUP (DSRG) division with the title SMART RENOVATIONS. This project finishes the trio of connected projects SMART REPAIRS – SMART WASH – SMART RENOVATIONS and newly emerging network of independent authorized washing, service and detailing centers. Another innovation in 2018 was emergence of brand new center for car repairs and car painting under the name Autoservis CHYTRÉ OPRAVY (Car Service SMART REPAIRS). This center is equipped with latest technologies for small & medium car repairs.