25 years of DEFEND GROUP

Dear Friends, Business Partners, Colleagues,

It's really 25 years , when we started to try to fulfil our dreams together.

Where sky was a limit and our business enviroment was free for everybody after falling "iron curtain" of communism. We flew in with our unbeatable enthusiasm , intuition and will to get what we mutually dreamed about.

I have to say , it was great time to built our all DEFEND brands with You , starting with DEFEND LOCK brand , than unbelievable CEE journey with Lloyd's of London in DEFEND Car Insurance & Waranty and last , but not least new challenges in CEE Car Collision Markets.

No one can be more grateful, than me for all of your help & support , you gave me during past 25 years , not just in my Business, but also during my biggest challenge of my lifetime, I experienced my Health matters, which taught me a lot and showed me my future life & business Journey.

With my 50 years Birthday and 25 years DEFEND GROUP Aniversary this year, I am standing here humble with my deep wish to thank you and wish You, from my heart the best of luck.

I am full of my internal power and self-confidence, looking forward to work with you and if anybodody of you have any thought or idea , I am everytime here for fulfilling our Dreams together.

Sincerelly Yours,

Pavel Vojtek 

CEO and Board Member ❤