DEFEND GROUP opens first combined repair, paint and car care centre!

The first half of 2018 saw the completion and grand opening of the first centre devoted exclusively to repairs, paint and car care under the MY SMART REPAIRS (CHYTRÉ OPRAVY) by DEFEND name. This large project to create a centre combining the best of the individual projects under the MY SMART REPAIRS, MY SMART CAR WASH and MY SMART DETAILING names has become a professional umbrella solution for all new projects of the DEFEND SMART REPAIRS GROUP division, which is a part of the DEFEND GROUP. The Repair, Paint and Car Care Centre opened in Holešov.


The SMART REPAIRS centre covers an area of ~1350 m2. The centre itself includes a huge service centre, tyre service, modern paint shop able to service up to 8 vehicles a day, an auto body repair shop, service receiving area and a relaxation zone for clients. The modern centre delivers comprehensive services at a professional level. The portfolio of services is diverse, and we provide smart repairs, accident repairs, interior body work, paint rehabilitation and protection, paint shop activities, complete tyre service, tyre and wheel repair, auto glass repair and replacement, undercarriage inspections and alignments and motor diagnostics. We also provide SMART WASH services and a hand washing service for vehicles that uses eco-friendly products instead of water. The centre uses the latest equipment, technology and procedures in vehicle repair.


Photos of our centre are available here.