New SMART CAR WASH service concept

Introducing the new SMART CAR WASH service concept

Smart Wash is a modern and ecological technology for washing, cleaning and restoring vehicle exteriors and interiors. Ecology and water supplies are a critical factor in this day and age. Smart Wash offers maximum water savings thanks to a unique washing method that does not use water. 

Smart Car Wash can wash any vehicle, from a small city car to larger cars and caravans, buses, bicycle, motorbike or aircraft. A proprietary solutions ensures a quick, effective and sterile washing with biodegradable agents.

Smart Car Wash is an integral component of the unique Smart Repairs service concept, intended to provide clients with quick and efficient repairs at minimum cost in terms of money and time in the near future. Clean Wash has dedicated washing equipment used at our centre and mobile equipment used to wash vehicles wherever the customer may be.

The first model Clean Car Wash centre in Holešov was just opened in the last few days. We are planning on opening a new centre in Prague in the near future. We believe that this will be followed by more stationary and mobile wash centres.