Renny Doyle detailing show by FLEX in DEFEND GROUP area

New space of our car paint shop in DEFEND GROUP area has experienced an unprecedented detailing show. On Wednesday, 27. 2. 2019, very interesting show of an American detailer Renny Doyle took place.This event has developed based on the cooperation of Renny Doyle, an ambassador of German brand FLEX and DEFEND GROUP, that provided its own area for the show.
Renny Doyle is professional American detailer, who devoted his whole life to detailing and cars. During his almost 40 years of practice, he achieved the highest goal in detailing in the USA and became a pro in the field of vehicle detailing. A few years ago he decided to begin with passing on his experience to others in this branch all around the world. As an ambassador of German brand FLEX he organizes detailer shows for fans and professionals in the field of car detailing. His extraordinary show always consists of two parts, the first is about theory and motivation, second part is about practical exhibition and workshop when everyone can try it in practice.
Company FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH is the first producer of workshop electrical tools in Europe. FLEX TOOLS portfolio contains more than 13 categories of electrical and cordless tools including measuring equipment and lasers. Innovative system of tools can be quickly and easily adapted to different requirements during grinding and polishing and other repair activities. FLEX company is business partner of DEFEND GROUP in the framework of the service project Smart Repairs and Smart Renovations.

Photos can be viewed here.
Video with ENG subtitles can be viewed here.
Video with CZ subtitles can be viewed here.