Superbrands 2017!

The independent Superbrands program announced the list of the best brands active in Czech Republic at the beginning of February. This year’s 5th edition of the independent Superbrands brand rankings recognised the best brands on the Czech market. Consumers and the Superbrands Brand Council, a group of industry experts, ranked the DEFEND brand among the Czech Superbrands 2017 award recipients.
One of the primary objectives of Superbrands Czech Republic is to familiarize both the professional and wider public with the success stories of the most popular brands. It is based on the independent preferences of customers and an assessment conducted by a council of professionals who are experts in the fields of communication, media, patents, branding, PR and marketing. They apply specific criteria including strength and brand recognition, customer loyalty, reputation and tradition.
Superbrands is not a competition to which you can sign up. A brand must be nominated based on its business results. This is the basis of its exclusivity. Brands are assessed and nominated based on identical criteria used in ninety countries around the world, including Czech Republic and Slovakia. The process of selecting brands has four phases in Czech Republic. First, the Czech Patent Office releases a database of approximately one million registered trademarks, from which the fifty thousand most respected were selected. Swedish company Bisnode, which specialises in obtaining business information, created a short-list of two thousand brands from this initial selection. The research agency GfK then used this list to conduct a survey of consumers to determine the awareness of selected brands. The short-list was further reduced to the 1000 top brands using the outcomes of this survey and for the Superbrands council to select the finalists. The objective of the program is clear. Familiarize both the professional and wider public with the histories of the most popular brands